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We area company that was humbly started in 2013. Under the banner of Bridge to Excellence Pty Ltd, TREYCON has grown from doing residential work to doing large scale commercial and civil work. We have also lent our hand in building the nation in the public sector. Through hard work and passion we have made inroads to be a force to reckon with in the civil construction industry specializing in Asphalt Surfacing, Road Construction, Paving and Stone Masonry

Our promise at TREYCON is to create long lasting impressions and build a product that lasts and
has a long life span. We aim to deliver not just a good service but to exceed the expectations of
the client by giving an excellent service and a quality product. Following procedures is our main
goal which enables us to deliver the best service.

We also have a social contract with the society we operate in and our environment so we strive
to make a difference in our society and taking care of the environment.
We are a Level 4 BEE Company malesuada..

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